It’s Not Too Late To See The Chieftains!


Or too early to start celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!

Six time Grammy Award winners, The Chieftains, will be performing at Bergen Performing Arts Center THIS Friday, March 6th at 8 PM.

Tickets are available HERE.

The Chieftains were formed in 1962 by Paddy Moloney, from the ranks of the top folk musicians in Ireland. It wasn’t until 1975 that The Chieftains began playing together full time. They uncovered the wealth of traditional Irish music that has accumulated over the centuries, making the music their own with a style that is as exhilarating as it is definitive.  Although their early following was purely a folk audience, the range and variation of their music very quickly captured a much broader public, making them today the best known Irish band in the world.

Keeping up their tradition of celebrating local musicians wherever they play, members of the St Paul’s Choir School in Englewood are going to be singing with The Chieftans at some point in the show.



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